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MFSP User Accounts Released!

Posted on Wednesday, Aug 15th, 2007 at 8:48 PM


Today, on the 15th, the Math for Smarty Pants User Accounts have been released for public beta testing. Having a Math for Smarty Pants account allows you to get much more out of the site, from access to over 68 million digits of pi, to 200,000 more prime numbers, the ability to add and edit problems on the Math for Smarty Pants Problem Database when it comes out, access to the internal MFSP message system, and up to two megabytes of storage space on MFSP. Registration is simple, easy, and free: just go to the page here. That's right: user accounts are free, and you are not required to provide any information about yourself besides your email address in case we have problems contacting you through the internal messaging system.

The full list of the benefits of having a MFSP account are as follows:

Extra pi! By becoming a registered user, you get access to over 68 million more digits of pi than ordinary visitors, and can chose to download a text file of the digits to prevent having to wait for a page.

Extra phi! You will also recieve access to 900 million more digits of phi than unregistered visitors.

Extra prime numbers! Users have access to over 250,000 more prime numbers than normal visitors -- or all primes under five million.

Personal upload space: Users have two megabytes of storage space on MFSP to upload files, enabling them to access the file anywhere with an internet connection.

Extra website styles: Users will be able to switch between three separate stylesheets.

The MFSP Internal Messaging System (PM's): Users can use this powerful messaging system within MFSP to send messages to any other user.

Personal Notepad: Users have a digital notepad in which they can type up a message to themselves for later in this notepad of unlimited size (within reason).

Problems of the Week: Users can easily submit suggestions for the problem of the week to myself (Admin), or send me solutions. Registered users that solve the problems of the week first -- an in an elegant way -- will have their solutions posted alongside the problems, accredited to them.

Math for Smarty Pants Problem Database: When this database of mathematical problems is completed, users will be able to add and edit the database problems, as well as post solutions to them.

News comments: As soon as the comments system for the news articles is set up, users will be able to comment on the articles.

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