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Posted on Tuesday, Oct 2nd, 2007 at 8:24 PM

Recently, the Fibonacci Calculator was released. This PHP script can calculate the nth Fibonacci number at high speed, for all n below 50,000. This script, in fact, does not use a recursive formula, or even an implementation of Binet's. I've found that scripts based on those two tend to run much more slowly as n grew, whereas a certain loop (the source can be found here) ran far faster. However, this calculator, along with the Primality Tester, are only the beginning. I am currently working on an advanced PHP expression evaluator. It will be able to handle expressions like:

(phi^101)/(phi^202 - (-1)^101)

In addition, it will have a huge array of functions: some to test for primality, for the prime factorization of the number, for the geometric/arithmetic/harmonic/root means, and much more. The code, once the evaluator is finished, will be available for download by anyone...
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